AUTHORSteinbach, John
CHAPTER TITLEThe Israeli Nuclear Weapons Program
BOOK EDITORThe Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Ed.
BOOK TITLENuclear Energy in the Gulf
PUBLISHERThe Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
CITYAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This chapter addresses the history and status (2008) of Israel's "opaque" nuclear weapons program. The history includes the development of the program with assistance from France, South Africa, and a complicit United States government under the "Atoms for Peace" program of the 1950s. The article then discusses the role of Mordechai Vanunu in exposing the program centered at the Dimona facility in the Negev desert and the lack of coverage of that revelation in the press. The author examines Israel’s nuclear strategy and its impact on regional and global relations, as well as including a brief description of Israel’s nuclear delivery systems and weapons facilities. Several reasons why public recognition of Israel's nuclear program is key to stabilizing the Middle East form the author's conclusion.

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