CREATORAloise, Gene
TITLECombating Nuclear Terrorism: Preliminary Observations on Preparedness to Recover from Possible Attacks Using Radiological or Nuclear Materials
DATE PUBLISHED14 September 2009
DATE ACCESSED29 August 2017

This U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report examines the ability of federal agencies to fulfill their responsibilities to assist states and cities in cleaning up areas contaminated with radioactive materials from an event involving the use of a radiological dispersal device (RDD) or improvised nuclear device (IND). It assesses to what extent the involved federal agencies are planning to and capable of assisting cities and states; considers what is recommended by emergency management officials for improving federal preparedness for recovery from RDD and IND events; and examines how the United Kingdom has been dealing with the issue, including an inquiry into the cleanup procedures used by the government after the 2006 polonium-210 incident in the United Kingdom. The report was presented to the Committee on Homeland Security of the U.S. House of Representatives in September of 2009.

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