CREATORDu, Yangbo / Parsons, John E.
TITLEUpdate on the Cost of Nuclear Power
DATE ACCESSED29 August 2017

The goal of this working paper produced by the Center for Energy and Environment Policy Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is to update the data on the cost of nuclear power from that presented in the 2003 MIT study. The study provides estimates of the levelized cost of electricity for nuclear, coal, and natural gas, finding that nuclear is the least expensive only if capital for nuclear plants is taken to be the same as that for coal and gas and if the fossil fuels are assumed to have a carbon charge. The paper's focus is on factors contributing to the escalating costs of construction of new nuclear power plants. It contains the costs of new (2004-2006) nuclear plants in Japan and South Korea as well as projected costs for new plants in the United States. The authors find that the cost of construction for nuclear power plants has doubled since the earlier study was done.

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