AUTHORPerry, William J. / Schlesinger, James R
TITLEAmerica’s Strategic Posture: The Final Report of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States
PUBLISHERUnited States Institute of Peace Press
CITYWashington, DC
Web Access
Available online from U.S. Institute of Peace Press   (fee or subscription required)

This Congressional Commission report presents findings and recommendations for adapting the U.S. strategic posture to new and emerging requirements in a global context of proliferation and expanding nuclear power industries. The report's findings indicate that in order to preserve the international nuclear order, the U.S. must pursue a comprehensive nuclear strategy that would reduce nuclear dangers and maintain national security, using politically cooperative measures such as arms control and nonproliferation. The report is organized into brief chapters on the security environment, U.S. nuclear posture, missile defense, declaratory policy, the nuclear weapons stockpile, the nuclear weapons complex, arms control, nonproliferation, the Comprehensive Test-Ban-Treaty (CTBT), prevention and protection, and visions of the future. Following the report is a chapter that compiles all findings and recommendations in an easy-to-read summary format. Appendices include tables of estimated world nuclear warhead arsenals, enabling legislation and joint explanatory statements, biographies of the commissioners who authored the report, and a list of groups with which those members conferred.

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