AUTHORNorris, Robert S. / Kristensen, Hans M.
TITLEU.S. Nuclear Warheads, 1945-2009
PERIODICAL TITLEBulletin of the Atomic Scientists
DATE PUBLISHEDJuly/August 2009
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Available online from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

This short article presents a comprehensive table of information on each of 100 types of nuclear warheads developed by the United States, providing an excellent synopsis of U.S. nuclear capability from 1945 to 2009. Preceded by a short summary, the table of information contains the name (designator) of the warhead, the system used for its delivery, the branch of service to which it was deployed, its operational period, the number built, its yield in kilotons, and additional notes. The article states that of the 100 types of U.S. warheads developed since 1945, only 15 remain active, and that while new warhead production was halted in 1992, modified warheads are still being introduced.

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