AUTHORFeldman, Shai
TITLENuclear Weapons and Arms Control in the Middle East
CITYCambridge, MA

This 1997 book examines nuclear programs in the Middle East region in order to assess whether nonproliferation measures may be implemented there and what role the United States would have in influencing such a process. The book analyzes regional perceptions of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, nuclear programs that various states have pursued, and nonproliferation policies and initiatives. It also considers the relationships among states in the evolving political environment of the Middle East, particularly with respect to the changing nature of Arab-Israeli relations and Israel’s status as a nuclear power. The author posits that current nuclear arms control measures are insufficient and inconsistent in the region, and he offers some nuclear-specific interim measures that would be effective if adopted regionally. Appendices include official correspondence and policy statements from Egyptian, Israeli, U.S., and United Nations (UN) sources concerning nuclear nonproliferation in the Middle East.

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