AUTHORAlvarez, Luis W.
TITLEAlvarez: Adventures of a Physicist
PUBLISHERBasic Books, Inc.
CITYNew York, NY

In this autobiography, American physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Luis Alvarez recounts his life as an experimental physicist and inventor in order to show how great scientists think and act in hopes of inspiring the next generation of scientists. In the prologue, Alvarez narrates his first-hand experience flying in the Hiroshima bombing mission, which sets the tone of a physicist’s adventure for the rest of his book. After covering his early childhood and rise in the field of physics, he dedicates the rest of the book to his notable work, such as his studies on fission and hydrogen bubble chambers, radar technology with Enrico Fermi, the first atomic bomb at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the "Super" bomb with J. Robert Oppenheimer, x-ray technology for finding hidden chambers in the Second Pyramid of Chephren in Egypt, and the geological impact theory of mass extinctions. The physicist writes with modesty and insightful purpose as he reflects on his transformative experiences, his Nobel Prize, and his impact on society. The book includes a series of historical photographs documenting stages of Alvarez’s life and an extensive index with particular attention to technical topics and prominent people.

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