CREATORU.S. Department of Energy's Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee / Generation IV International Forum
TITLETechnology Roadmap Update for Generation IV Technology: 2014
DATE ACCESSED29 August 2017

This is the latest (2014) report from the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) website contains information relevant to the Generation IV nuclear systems. It includes access to the original, extensive statement of Generation IV plans, entitled “A Technology Roadmap for Generation IV Nuclear Systems,” which was first published in 2002. The report includes diagrams and process descriptions; outlines advantages and challenges; and reports on economics, risk and safety. The site also contains pages on the six favored systems upon which the report focuses: gas-cooled fast reactor, very-high-temperature reactor, supercritical water-cooled reactor, sodium-cooled fast reactor, lead-cooled fast reactor, and molten-salt reactor. The website features updates of the planning for the chosen reactors and a section called “Horizontal Work,” which is devoted to topics relevant to all of the reactors and contains links to related resources.

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