CREATORCentre for International Governance Innovation
TITLENuclear Energy Futures Papers
DATE PUBLISHED2014, frequently updated
DATE ACCESSED22 August 2017

Provided by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), this webpage provides summaries and links to the Nuclear Energy Futures Papers, which offer extensive research and analysis on topics related to the purported nuclear energy revival and its global implications. The papers are written by experts in the fields of nuclear energy and nuclear global governance. The final paper of the project and those that preceded it are organized by date, with a short description of each as well as a link to the complete text. Topics may be specific to particular countries or address global issues concerning future nuclear security, nonproliferation, nuclear energy scenarios, and recommendations for international governance, for instance. Supported by the Canadian government, the CIGI's expressed purpose is to provide research to effect public policy improvements in Canada and internationally.

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