AUTHORBlumberg, Stanley A. / Owens, Gwinn
TITLEEnergy and Conflict: The Life and Times of Edward Teller
PUBLISHERG.P. Putnam's Sons
CITYNew York, NY
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In this 1976 biography of Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, the authors present exclusive interviews, memorabilia, and photos provided by Teller. The book does not focus on one era of Teller’s life, but delves into each stage of his life and career. The controversial Teller spearheaded America’s effort to build the hydrogen bomb, and then testified against Robert Oppenheimer in his security clearance trial. The book explains his early persecution by the Hungarian communists, then the Nazis in Germany. His role in the Manhattan Project is described in detail. Also portrayed is the development of the H-bomb, including descriptions of its evolving design. Teller’s life after the H-bomb is shown to a limited extent, with government surveillance of his activities and his despair over the limited test ban treaty as two of the highlights. The book offers a detailed and comprehensive view of Edward Teller. Though objective, the biography emphasizes the interviews with Teller and does not always fully treat the opinions of his critics.

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