AUTHORStoiber, Carlton / Baer, Alec / Pelzer, Norbert / Tonhauser, Wolfram
TITLEHandbook on Nuclear Law
PUBLISHERInternational Atomic Energy Agency
CITYVienna, Austria
Web Access
Available online from International Atomic Energy Agency

Intended primarily for legislators or students of nuclear law, this handbook is a concise, practical guide for those in the process of drafting legislation governing the civilian nuclear power industry. It explains how nuclear law is developed and applied, considering topics from licensing to spent fuel regulation to export and import controls. The book is divided into five major parts – nuclear law and the legislative process, radiation protection, nuclear and radiation safety, nuclear liability and coverage, and non-proliferation and physical protection, each of which contains multiple chapters. Many chapters contain references to technical standards and guidelines developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), for readers interested in details not covered in the short volume. The authors stress that the intent is not to define a single model for crafting nuclear legislation, but to provide a framework to encourage individual nations to formulate policies that will contribute to global consistency regarding nuclear law.

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