AUTHORChivian, Eric / Chivian, Susanna / Lifton, Robert Jay / Mack, John E.
TITLELast Aid: The Medical Dimensions of Nuclear War
PUBLISHERW.H. Freeman and Company
CITYNew York, NY

Published at the height of the Cold War arms race, this book is a collection of international essays written by physicians on the medical effects of nuclear weapons. The stated purpose of the book is to convey the "lethal menace" of nuclear weapons to humanity, as "people in general are mortally involved" (foreword). The essayists hope to show that efforts to protect oneself in a nuclear attack are totally futile; they illustrate what would happen to the human body in a nuclear war. The essays provide fascinating medical insights into the various physiological responses of the human body to radiation, blast, and heat. They provide scenarios of probable effects of nuclear explosions over various large cities. The book, written by Soviets and Americans alike, expresses the dark fears of the Cold War and the unimaginable horror of a real nuclear exchange.

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