AUTHORMaddox, Robert James
TITLEWeapons for Victory
PUBLISHERUniversity of Missouri Press
CITYColumbia, MO

This book presents an historical analysis of the controversial decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. Drawing on the primary documents and diary accounts written near the time of the decision, Maddox opposes the revisionist arguments that Truman used the bombs as a way to intimidate the Soviets, that casualty estimates for an invasion of Japan were wildly exaggerated, that the Japanese were ready to surrender, and others. The author examines the Japanese effort to surrender before the use of the bombs, as well as the reasons for Soviet invasion immediately after their use. He makes some interesting observations, such as Eisenhower not being with Secretary of War Stimson when the news of the Trinity test arrived, as he claimed after the war. The author also argues that Eisenhower did not fervently oppose the dropping of the bomb. His concise 164-page analysis is both academic and readable.

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