DIRECTORPemberton, Justin
TITLEThe Nuclear Comeback
RUNNING TIME58 minutes

This documentary film examines whether nuclear power can and should play a role in the growing crisis of global climate change. While some experts insist that nuclear power provides the only viable solution to the world’s carbon-based energy addiction, others concede that nuclear power plants emit no carbon, but argue that nuclear power is an unacceptable solution for other reasons. The director considers the contrasting views, dIscussing all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle and interviewing experts in areas such as proliferation, safety, and long-term storage of nuclear waste. The film presents footage from uranium mines in Australia, the Calder Hall nuclear plant, and the Sellafield reprocessing plant, among other sites. The director also ventures to Chernobyl to investigate the long-term repercussions of the world’s biggest nuclear accident. The film has won several international awards for a documentary and is touted as providing a balanced view of a controversial topic.

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