AUTHORVenter, Al J.
TITLEAllah's Bomb: The Islamic Quest for Nuclear Weapons
PUBLISHERThe Lyons Press

Based on intelligence from international sources and the author’s forty years of experience as a military correspondent, this book investigates the web of relationships that link states with nuclear weapons capabilities to states and other entities seeking nuclear weapons. Tracing various paths within the international nuclear black market, the book exposes a thriving nuclear smuggling industry where countries and organizations exploit opportunities in order to gain access to nuclear materials and technology. He begins by arguing that the threat of nuclear terrorism is very real. Chapters that follow address the ways in which Libya attempted to acquire nuclear weapons; the legacy of A.Q. Khan and his global nuclear network; Israel’s nuclear capability; the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); the likelihood of a conflict between Israel and Egypt; tracing terror’s money trail; and Iran, North Korea (DPRK), and Pakistan. The indexed book includes diagrams of nuclear warheads and “a beginner’s guide” to different types of nuclear weapons. The author is a documentary filmmaker and a veteran war correspondent in Africa and the Middle East.

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