CREATORGriffith, Christopher W.
TITLEAtomic Archive: Enhanced Edition
PUBLISHERAJ Software & Multimedia
CITYSan Diego, CA

The enhanced edition of this comprehensive CD-ROM integrates vast areas of information related to nuclear weapons into a concise and accessible format. It is divided into four categories: history, science, consequences, and library. Each section is then subdivided into more specific topics. The history section covers events from the discovery of radioactivity in 1896 to twenty-first century proliferation of nuclear weapons. The science component discusses atomic physics, fission and fusion. The consequences section explores interesting aspects of nuclear legacy, such as arms control and current delivery systems, and displays the hypothetical effects of nuclear explosions in three American cities. The heart of the CD is the library section, which contains transcribed historical documents; over 50 film clips, many from the movie Trinity and Beyond; hundreds of photographs; a glossary; and a timeline. That section also contains 33 short biographies of important persons associated with the nuclear age. The enhanced edition contains information through 2002, is well organized, has a broad perspective, and is easy to navigate. The award-winning CD provides an understandable introduction to the nuclear age for general audiences including middle and high school classes. It is available from the Atomic Archive website.

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