AUTHORArnold, Lorna / Smith, Mark
TITLEBritain, Australia and the Bomb: The Nuclear Tests and Their Aftermath
PUBLISHERPalgrave Macmillan
CITYNew York, NY
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This book chronicles the United Kingdom’s nuclear weapons testing program in Australia from 1952 to 1963, in order to assess the achievements, dangers, safety concerns, costs, and lessons resulting from the nuclear trials. The author reveals how Britain’s foreign and defense policies dictated its partnership with Australia, and how those policies compromised the health and safety of populations in the Australian testing grounds and surrounding territories. The book provides a detailed account of test operations, technology used, results, and people involved, using primary and secondary sources, including materials declassified after 1987 such as the Strath report (1955), about the predicted effects on Britain of an atomic bomb attack, and information on the disputed “clean-up” of Marilinga in South Australia (1990s). In addition to revisions based on new sources, the 2006 second edition also includes a new chapter called Health and Safety and the National Radiological Protection Studies. Tables, figures, maps, and photographs supplement the text, including data from the nuclear tests. The first version of the book, published in 1987, was titled A Very Special Relationship: British Atomic Weapons Trials in Australia.

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