AUTHORGallagher, Nora
TITLEChanging Light
PUBLISHERPantheon Books
CITYNew York, NY

Both a love story and a mystery, this novel draws on the history of the construction of the atomic bomb and addresses the moral dilemma experienced by scientists involved with its creation and use. Set in 1945, the tale follows the life of Eleanor, a young painter who leaves New York City to settle in New Mexico to regain inspiration for her work. She encounters a mysterious and feverish man, Leo, who claims to be unable to recall his identity. While nursing him back to health, the artist discovers that Leo is a Jewish physicist who has fled the Manhattan Project after witnessing the radiation poisoning of a colleague. The book depicts various characters living during World War II, some of them fictional composites, and some of them based on influential figures from the Los Alamos laboratory.

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