AUTHORRogers, Kenneth A. / Kingsley, Marvin G.
TITLECalculated Risks: Highly Radioactive Waste and Homeland Security
PUBLISHERAshgate Publishing Limited
CITYHampshire, England

In this book, the authors present a case study of highly radioactive waste storage and disposal policy in the United States. Homeland security and energy security concerns have made on-site storage the subject of scrutiny, despite the fact that political considerations have prevented lawmakers from developing a long-term solution. The authors, political scientists, initially explain what led to the current (2007) decision paralysis surrounding high-level radioactive waste disposal, from a viewpoint that considers technological, political, and social factors. The book then details the advantages and disadvantages of each of three storage options: on-site storage, centralized interim radioactive waste storage at privately-owned sites at Skull Valley (Utah) and Owl Creek (Wyoming), and a long-term repository at Yucca Mountain (Nevada). The authors also address safety and security concerns surrounding the transportation of high-level radioactive waste from reactor and weapons sites to storage facilities. Diagrams and tables supplement chapter discussions. The book contains an extensive bibliography as well as a glossary of terms.

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