AUTHORZoellner, Tom
TITLEUranium: War, Energy, and the Rock that Shaped the World
CITYNew York, NY

The author, an investigative reporter, provides an interesting history of uranium from the first mining of its ore in the Czech Republic during the 1500s to its more recent role in nuclear weapons and as a source of electrical energy. The narrative presents the economics, politics, technology, science, environmental and social impacts, and medical effects associated with uranium in a fascinating tale spanning six hundred years and five continents. The author focuses on the issues associated with mining and trafficking in uranium ore and enriched uranium in a series of case studies ranging from locations in the Belgian Congo (then Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo) to Utah. He also describes the interesting cast of characters from diverse organizations who have dealt with uranium in its various forms. In addition to interviews and descriptions of site visits in the book, references cited in the notes section indicate the author’s extensive research.

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