AUTHORMalloy, Sean L.
TITLEAtomic Tragedy: Henry L. Stimson and the Decision to Use the Bomb Against Japan
PUBLISHERCornell University Press
CITYIthaca, NY

Principally a biography of Henry Stimson, this book explores how a long war, complex international relations, and powerful technology led Stimson to compromise his cherished moral values as he presided over the beginning of the nuclear age. Stimson served as U.S. Secretary of War during World War II. Examining Stimson’s actions and thoughts in the context of complex times, the author sheds light on the diplomatic, military, political, and moral questions involved in determining how the atomic bomb was eventually used. The work draws from the Henry Lewis Stimson diaries, previous scholarship on the period, and papers relating to the Manhattan Project.

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