CREATORDepartment of Energy
TITLEPlutonium: The First 50 Years
DATE PUBLISHED February 1996

Prepared in 1994 as part of the U.S. Secretary of Energy’s Openness Initiative, this report contains important declassified information about the U.S. production, acquisition, and removal of plutonium from the U.S. inventory for the years 1944 through 1994. The four sources of plutonium considered in the report are: government production reactors, non-government reactors, U.S. industry, and foreign countries. The seven ways by which plutonium is removed from the inventory, according to the report, are: consumed in nuclear tests; used in wartime; unaccounted for in material inventories; normal operating losses; radioactive decay; fission and transmutation reactions; and transfers to U.S. civilian industry and foreign countries. The report also discusses the nuclear material control and accountability system itself. Well-documented with figures, tables, and extensive notes, it provides an interesting account of the production and fate of plutonium in the United States during the the Cold War and its aftermath.

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