CREATORSettle, Frank
TITLEConcept Map for Nuclear Arms Control and Proliferation
DATE PUBLISHED1 November 2008

This concept map presents links to sites containing background and texts of treaties and agreements governing nuclear weapons and delivery systems from the 1960s to 2008. It also includes information on nations that currently (2008) possess nuclear weapons and those that have given them up. The map provides an organizing structure to aid educators and students in researching nuclear arms control and proliferation topics in a global context. The map's major sections include an overview, information on legal nuclear nations and those that are considered proliferators, based on each nation's status with respect to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). It also includes sections on treaties and agreements, including arms control treaties, fissile material and nuclear weapons programs, test bans, and trade regulations. A separate section supplies links to organizations and agencies that regulate trade in nuclear materials and equipment. Links to bibliographies are also available for most map topics.

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