CREATORFreudenrich, Craig / Fuller, John
TITLEHow Nuclear Bombs Work

This educational, easy-to-navigate website discusses the physics that makes nuclear bombs work, how nuclear bombs are designed, and what happens after a nuclear bomb explodes. The website is broken down into seven separate web pages; the first page opens with an explanation of atomic structure as a prelude to analyses of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The next page discusses radioactive decay and its role in the creation of nuclear energy. After a page devoted to an explication of nuclear fission, the subsequent pages describe the construction and detonation of fission devices and fusion devices. The website employs rudimentary animations to illustrate the detonation of nuclear bombs, using examples of bombs like Little Boy and Fat Man, which were used in World War II against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively. The website also contains a page that addresses the destruction and health risks associated with nuclear bombs. A final page of additional external links is included. Highlighted terms throughout the text link to supplementary resources.

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