AUTHORFeiveson, Harold A. / Taylor, Theodore
TITLEIn Memoriam – Ted Taylor
PERIODICAL TITLEScience and Global Security
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This article is comprised of a brief memorial of physicist Ted Taylor and a short article authored by Taylor himself on the dangers of nuclear technology. The memorial section recounts Taylor’s role as a Los Alamos bomb designer, his work with the Orion Project, and his subsequent work as an advocate for the elimination of all forms of nuclear technology. The second section, Taylor’s opinionated article, was originally written for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in 1996. It ranges from his discussion of latent nuclear proliferation, focusing on the dangers of reactor grade plutonium and the staggering amounts of plutonium generated from nuclear power plants, to the proliferation of nuclear technology and expertise. Taylor additionally cites nuclear power plants themselves as potential targets for terrorism. Arguing that the fields of nuclear energy and nuclear weaponry are inseparable, Taylor calls for the global elimination of all nuclear weapons and materials (including a complete abolition of nuclear power) by 2010. He calls for more widespread use of renewable energies, focusing on solar electric cells and hydrogen production by water electrolysis.

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