AUTHORKunetka, James W.
TITLECity of Fire: Los Alamos and the Birth of the Atomic Age 1943-1945
PUBLISHERPrentice-Hall, Inc.
CITYEnglewood Cliffs, NJ

This book is a complete history of Los Alamos from 1943 to 1945 written from previously classified files, the complete records of the Manhattan Project, and interviews with dozens of firsthand participants. Kunetka focuses on the history, science, and politics of this small town built essentially overnight by the government to create the atomic bomb. The author tells the story of the scientists who planned and developed the bomb, the major world figures who helped decide on its use, and the cooperation generated between the scientific community and the military establishment. He also describes the historical events leading to the Trinity test and corrects many misconceptions about the scientists’ supposed ignorance of what they were doing and the possible results.

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