AUTHORFunabashi, Yoichi
TITLEThe Peninsula Question: A Chronicle of the Second Korean Nuclear Crisis
PUBLISHERBrookings Institution Press
CITYWashington, D.C.

This book examines an international conflict, which the author refers to as the second North Korean (DPRK) nuclear crisis, that began in 2002 when the U.S. received evidence that DPRK had been secretly pursuing a process to develop highly enriched uranium. The author, an award-winning Japanese chief diplomatic correspondent, presents the crisis from its beginning through 2006. He provides detailed accounts of Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s various visits to Pyongyang (DPRK), as well as of those of U.S. presidential envoy James Kelly. He assesses the response of the U.S. President George W. Bush administration to North Korea’s 2002 alleged violation of the Agreed Framework, an agreement that the two countries had signed in 1994. Russia, South Korea, and China are also analyzed for their roles in the crisis, including the six-party talks (involving the United States, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, China, and Japan) and responses to North Korea’s 2006 nuclear test. Highlighting “lost opportunities” and unsolved questions, principally concerning relations between North Korea and the United States, he also considers international dilemmas generated by the current (2006) state of affairs. The book provides a concise chronology of events and a list of persons interviewed by the author, in addition to extensive notes and references.

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