AUTHORCampbell, Richard H.
TITLEThe Silverplate Bombers: A History and Registry of the Enola Gay and Other B-29s Configured to Carry Atomic Bombs
PUBLISHERMcFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
CITYJefferson, NC

This book is a comprehensive narrative on the history of the unique Boeing B-29 Superfortress bombers manufactured specifically to carry and deploy atomic bombs during World War II, under the project code named “Silverplate.” Situating itself outside the moral dilemmas posed by the atomic bomb and its use, the account focuses on the production of the 65 Silverplate B-29 bombers, their operation, conversions, and eventual retirement. The book tracks the development and deployment of the Silverplate B-29s, beginning with the interwoven histories of the airplanes and the atomic bomb. Subsequent chapters cover the various combat missions, test programs, places, bombs, and units – namely the 509th composite group. The book contains numerous photographs, and its appendices include a concise chronology of Silverplate B-29 events, specific mission information, and an individual history for each of the 65 airplanes.

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