AUTHORSokolski, Henry D., Ed.
TITLEPakistan's Nuclear Future: Worries Beyond War
PUBLISHERStrategic Studies Institute
CITYCarlisle, PA
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This volume, published in 2007, focuses on the nuclear challenges facing Pakistan if a moderate government were to remain in power and no war break out with India. Commissioned and vetted by the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC), the researched essays are written by a variety of scholars and policy experts in national security, nonproliferation, and the nuclear industry. It is divided into three major sections: Pakistan’s history of proliferation, its maintenance of a nuclear deterrent, and future nuclear issues. Topics addressed include potential nuclear proliferation activities, requirement for nuclear deterrence against India, risks associated with expansion of civilian nuclear power, and the potential for seizure of nuclear weapons by extremists. Endnotes, tables, satellite images, and graphs are included. The work offers useful perspectives on a nation whose nuclear future is vitally important to the international community, and it may be particularly relevant for the period following Pervez Musharraf's time as president of Pakistan.

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