DIRECTORSargent, Joseph
DISTRIBUTORSpelling Television, Inc.
RUNNING TIME141 minutes

This 1989 made for television movie is based on a Peter Wyden's history of the Manhattan Project features Brian Dennehy as General Leslie Groves and David Strathairn as Robert Oppenheimer. The movie begins with Leo Szilard fleeing the Nazis and trying to initiate Allied research on atomic bombs. It concludes in the immediate wake of the atomic bombings of Japan, as scientists of Los Alamos view slides of the destruction. The movie recreates with impressive historical accuracy many components of the effort, including the relationship of Groves and Oppenheimer, Oppenheimer’s security problems, the fear of a Nazi project, the controversy over dropping the bombs, and the unlimited resources of the project. While at times the acting is dubious, the historical accuracy of this film approaches the impeccable. It is a swift and entertaining resource on the Manhattan Project.

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