AUTHORThomas, Stephen / Bradford, Peter / Froggatt, Antony / Milborrow, David
TITLEThe Economics of Nuclear Power
PUBLISHERGreenpeace International
CITYAmsterdam, the Netherlands
ISBNNo number - See WorldCat link below
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Available online from Greenpeace International

Prepared for Greenpeace International, this report raises questions about the current (2007) revival of the global nuclear power industry. The report provides details on the status and prospects for nuclear technology, examines the economics of the nuclear industry, analyzes current experiences with nuclear power in Finland (Olkiluoto site), the United Kingdom, France, the U.S., and China, and discusses renewable energy prospects. Numerous data tables, three appendices, and extensive endnotes are included. The authors’ conclusions are not favorable to the nuclear industry.

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