DIRECTOROkazaki, Steven
TITLEWhite Light Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
DISTRIBUTORHBO Documentary Films
RUNNING TIME85 minutes
Web Access
Available online from HBO Documentary Films

This excellent 2007 documentary film presents the effects of the atomic bombing of Japan from a human perspective, integrating documentary footage, interviews with Japanese survivors of the attacks (hibakusha) and with Americans who delivered them, and contemporary views of Japanese young people born after 1945. It illustrates both the immediate and long term physical and psychological consequences of the use of nuclear weapons. One of the interviewed survivors is Keiji Nakazawa, author of the Barefoot Gen graphic novel series based on the bombings, which was published in the 1970s. Another is one of the Hiroshima Maidens, female survivors who were brought to the United States for plastic surgery after World War II. The film also addresses the reaction of post-war Japanese society to the bombings.

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