CREATORCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
TITLECenters for Disease Control and Prevention: Radiation Emergencies

This website provides detailed and easily accessed information on radiation emergencies for both the general public and medical professionals. The section for the general public addresses frequently asked questions, provides instructions for taking shelter as well as for evacuation in the event of an emergency, and gives important information about exposure to and contamination from radiation. The section for medical professionals is divided into information for first responders, information for clinicians and hospitals, information for the public health community, and material for education and self-training. Links to news and other websites focusing on radiation emergencies are also included. A brief mention of a topic in one part of the site often includes a link to more thorough explanation, facilitating navigation. Available in English, Chinese, French, and German, the website is part of the Emergency Preparedness and Response section of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

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