AUTHORAndrade, E. N. da C.
TITLERutherford and the Nature of the Atom
CITYNew York, NY
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A physicist who worked with him wrote this brief biography of Ernest Rutherford, the father of modern physics. Andrade uses letters written by Rutherford to him, though many were destroyed in the German bombing of London in 1941. Andrade describes Rutherford’s youth in New Zealand, then his professional evolution at Cavendish, McGill, Manchester, and Cambridge. The book gives a thorough overview of Rutherford’s work, though it does not present his experiments in great detail. For a scientist to write about Rutherford’s life and not delve into too much technical detail is impressive, and this book accomplishes that. It is written in a somewhat casual tone, with Rutherford shown as a human, friendly figure.

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