AUTHORHammel, Edward F.
TITLEPlutonium Metallurgy at Los Alamos, 1943-1945: Recollections of Edward F. Hammel
PUBLISHERLos Alamos Historical Society
CITYLos Alamos, NM

This book gives the information on plutonium metallurgy that was discovered in 1993 to have been omitted from the 150 chapters of the Los Alamos Technical Series. Hammel illustrates the work on plutonium bomb parts that occurred at Los Alamos between 1943 and 1945. He retraces in astonishing detail the experiments, research, and other work on plutonium. In some ways, this book is an autobiography of the author's involvement in the early years of plutonium science. The author includes voluminous primary information to bolster his analysis of the period. The book is organized in textbook fashion, with one chapter devoted to each month of work on the first man-made element.

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