AUTHORBeckman, Peter R. / Crumlish, Paul W. / Dobkowski, Michael N. / Lee, Steven P.
TITLENuclear Weapons, Nuclear States, and Terrorism
PUBLISHERSloan Publishing, LLC
CITYCornwall-on-Hudson, NY

The object of this book is to educate citizens of the United States on the history of nuclear weapons in order to assist them in dealing with the nuclear future. The four authors provide different approaches to the "nuclear predicament." The book is divided into five major sections: Nuclear Weapons, Then and Now; The First Nuclear Age (1945-1991); The Second Nuclear Age (1991- ); Nuclear Weapons and Human Values; and Defining Our Nuclear Future. An epilogue contains suggestions for how the world might respond to a third nuclear age should it occur. The authors provide a good history of the nuclear age and ways to confront the continuing legacy of nuclear weapons. Previously titled The Nuclear Predicament, the book is in its fourth edition.

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