AUTHORHowes, Ruth H. / Herzenberg, Ellen C.
TITLETheir Day in the Sun
PUBLISHERTemple University Press
CITYPhiladelphia, PA

This book unearths the barely recognized scientific contributions that women made to the Manhattan Project. The authors discovered over 300 women who played scientific roles in the effort to build the atomic bomb. The authors present information based on correspondence with over 90 of these women. The authors do not, however, speculate as to why so many female chemists, physicists, mathematicians and other scientists were ignored by historians. The book fails to rise beyond an encyclopedic chronicle of what women contributed to the Manhattan Project. In addition, the authors do not present their tale in a meaningful historic context. Rather, they describe the enterprise through a deluge of limited glimpses by the women who worked on it as scientists. The book does present expansive research on the little known subject and does show that many women were involved in the scientific effort to build the bomb.

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