DIRECTORSonnenberg, Dale
TITLEThe Woman Who Kept a Secret
RUNNING TIME28 minutes

In this short filmed interview, Dorothy McKibbin recounts her memories as secretary for the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, or “The Gatekeeper at 109,” as she was sometimes called. She provides detailed and descriptive recollections of the people and events of the Manhattan Project, speaking at length and with great fondness about the scientific leader of the project, J. Robert Oppenheimer, in particular. She describes witnessing the Trinity Test, offers commentary on Hiroshima, and discusses the controversy surrounding the hydrogen bomb. McKibbin’s responses to questions regarding physicist Edward Teller reveal her distaste for both the man himself and his commitment to the hydrogen bomb, further emphasizing her loyalty to Oppenheimer in a comparison of the two men. The interview is interspersed with images from the era, effectively illustrating and augmenting McKibbin’s descriptions.

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