CREATORThe Keystone Center
TITLENuclear Power Joint Fact-Finding

This 102-page report considers the broad spectrum of issues associated with the renewal of interest in nuclear power in the United States to address both increased energy demands and environmental concerns. The website contains the 2007 report and information about the process that produced it. The Keystone Center, an independent, nonprofit, public policy and educational organization, assembled a group of 27 individuals with experience and diverse perspectives on nuclear energy to work together in joint fact finding and to write the report. An executive summary indicates clearly where the participants did and did not agree, which makes the document interesting and useful. The five chapters present analyses of climate change mitigation, economics, safety and security, waste and reprocessing, and proliferation risks. Appendices contain information on existing nuclear facilities worldwide, a life-cycle cost analysis model, and descriptions of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s reactor oversight process and enforcement program, the new (1989) U.S. licensing process, and the nuclear fuel cycle. The well written report containing extensive references provides an in-depth review of nuclear energy.

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