AUTHORHoffman, Darleane C. / Ghiorso, Albert / Seaborg, Glenn T.
TITLEThe Transuranium People: The Inside Story
PUBLISHERImperial College Press

This book chronicles the discovery of the transuranium elements and tells the stories of the scientists who were instrumental in their discovery. The three authors—chemist Darleane Hoffman, engineer Albert Ghiorso, and the 1981 Nobel laureate in Chemistry Glenn Seaborg—were all crucial to the discovery of many of the transuranium elements. They wrote the book as an academic, yet anecdotal account of their work. The authors carefully construct the historical sequences that led to the discovery of the various transuranium elements, citing the work of early scientists that laid the groundwork for their subsequent discoveries. Aside from providing historical perspective, the book addresses topics such as naming rights to newly-discovered elements, the problems posed by simultaneous discoveries of elements at different laboratories, and the trials and errors in their quest to discover new elements. Each chapter is carefully footnoted, and many photographs, tables, and diagrams are interspersed throughout the text. The preface includes substantial autobiographical sections contributed by the three authors.

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