AUTHORDuncan, Francis
TITLERickover: The Struggle for Excellence
PUBLISHERNaval Institute Press
CITYAnnapolis, MD

This book is a well-researched biography of Admiral Hyman Rickover, a pioneer in the U.S. naval nuclear propulsion program. The book portrays Rickover as a dedicated and driven man, motivated by a quest for excellence in all facets of his life, and never willing to compromise his values or his ideals, even when they brought him into conflict with others. Rickover’s various clashes with politicians and U.S. Navy bureaucrats are well-documented, as well as his many successes in the development of nuclear submarines and surface ships. The book treats both Rickover’s personal life and his long military career, often highlighting the intersections of the two through the inclusion of letters from him to his first wife. A section of black and white photographs is included. The author, Francis Duncan, published two earlier works about Rickover and his involvement in the U.S. Navy’s nuclear propulsion programs.

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