AUTHORHagerty, Devin T.
TITLEThe Consequences of Nuclear Proliferation: Lessons from South Asia
CITYCambridge, MA

This book addresses controversy over nuclear proliferation, considering relations between India and Pakistan as an example in which increased nuclear weapon capabilities resulted in greater stability. Author Devin Hagerty shifts historical attention away from the U.S.-Soviet arms race and towards South Asia, looking specifically at the 1986-87 Brasstacks Crisis and the 1990 Kashmir Crisis, and analyzing the history and consequences of those crises. Hagerty argues that there are strong incentives for nations without nuclear arms to nuclearize secretly. He concludes that if the nations that possess nuclear weapons wish for others to disarm or to not develop such arms, they should lead by example and denuclearlize their own arsenals. He claims that in South Asia, nuclear proliferation helps to maintain peace rather than provoke conflict.

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