DIRECTORDavis, Barry
TITLEOppenheimer: The Father of the Atomic Bomb
DISTRIBUTOR2 entertain Video, Ltd.
RUNNING TIME420 minutes

This excellent seven hour miniseries produced by the BBC delves into the complex character of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the U.S. physicist who led the development of the atomic bomb. Featuring the American actor Sam Waterston as Oppenheimer, it opens in Berkeley, California, in the late 1930s and concludes with the 1954 U.S. Atomic Energy Commission's hearing which denied Oppenheimer his security clearance. The well-researched film provides many details of Oppenheimer's personal and professional relationships before, during, and after World War II as well as his leadership of the Manhattan Project and opposition to the development of the hydrogen bomb in the years following the war. Peter Goodchild, the film's producer, has also written a biography of Oppenheimer. The film is available in the United Kingdom in a European DVD9x3 format.

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