AUTHORHore-Lacy, Ian
TITLENuclear Energy in the 21st Century
PUBLISHERWorld Nuclear University Press

This attractive book presents the role of nuclear power in providing energy to meet current and future global demands. Its chapters address current and future energy use; the generation of electricity; nuclear power; the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle (mining, milling, enrichment, and current reactor technology); the back end of the cycle (waste reprocessing, storage, and disposal); other applications of nuclear energy (hydrogen generation, desalination, production of radioisotopes, and marine propulsion); issues associated with the environment, health, and safety; the avoidance of proliferation; and the history of nuclear energy. A clear, reasonably balanced narrative combined with numerous diagrams and tables make the book an excellent choice for an introduction to nuclear power. Seven previous editions of the book were titled Nuclear Electricity; the full text of the seventh, published in 2003, is available online.

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