AUTHORGolovin, I. N.
TITLEI. V. Kurchatov: A Socialist Realist Biography of the Soviet Nuclear Scientist
PUBLISHERThe Selbstverlag Press
CITYBloomington, IN

This 1968 Soviet-written biography of Russian physicist Igor Kurchatov is presented in an English translation. As the author says of him: “No other scientist of ours contributed so much as Kurchatov to building the Soviet atomic weapon and atomic electric power stations or to the development of atomic technology and the science of the atomic nucleus” (introduction). The 94-page book tries to show how remarkable Kurchatov was as a scientist, a communist, and “a hero of socialist labor”. It is an engaging account of Soviet atomic science, especially during and immediately after World War II, with Kurchatov as the main character. The language is non-technical with a tone of unbridled optimism in all things Soviet.

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