AUTHORTsukerman, Veniamin / Zinaida, Azarkh
TITLEArzamas-16: Soviet Scientists in the Nuclear Age
PUBLISHERBramcote Press
CITYNottingham, England

This autobiography of Veniamin Tsukerman written with his wife and assistant, Zinaida Azarkh, presents the memoirs of a Russian physicist who worked on the Soviet nuclear weapons project. The author describes what life was like living in the ultra-secret world of Arzamas-16, and working with scientists such as Igor Kurchatov. While Tsukerman does discuss some technical aspects of the weapons, the memoirs are mostly a meaningful recollection of the nuclear project, and what life was like for Soviet Jews involved in the project. Tsukerman describes using the spy material of Klaus Fuchs, although he claims such help was not vital. Each chapter has subheadings to assist readers. The author includes a number of interesting pictures of the scientists and the research laboratory.

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