CREATORUnited States Congress, Office of Technology Assessment
TITLEComplex Cleanup: The Environmental Legacy of Nuclear Weapons Production
DATE ACCESSED22 April 2017

This web-based report details the known extent of nuclear contamination from weapons production sites in the United States and gives a list of policy recommendations of how to deal with that problem. It is a 1991 report to the United States Congress by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA). The OTA finds that the nuclear contamination is serious and complicated, that efforts to date are insufficient to deal with it, that more research into the effects on public health needs to be done, and that the primary goal should be to contain ongoing leaks before learning how to clean up past contamination. The OTA recommends that Congress increase oversight of the environmental cleanup effort, assess the impact on public health of current contamination, develop a way to ensure public participation in the cleanup effort, and have some entity outside the Department of Energy (DOE) regulate the DOE’s waste sites. There are four appendices attached to the report detailing known contamination, DOE projected costs for cleanup, and ecological issues that need to be taken into account.

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