DIRECTORFriedman, John S. / Nadler, Eric
TITLEStealing the Fire: The Nuclear Weapons Underground
DISTRIBUTORFilmakers Library
RUNNING TIME58 minutes

This documentary film traces the distribution of nuclear technology by a German multinational corporation through the career of Karl-Heinz Schaab, a technician in the firm. The film links Hitler’s atomic bomb program and Nazi gold to today’s nuclear weapons black market. The story is played out on an international stage that includes the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Baghdad, and Zurich. The film contains interviews with Schaab as well as many others including Carl von Weizsacker, a scientist in the German bomb project; A. Q. Khan, nuclear proliferator and father of the Pakistani atomic bomb; and Khidir Hamza, former director of the Iraqi nuclear weapons project. Much of Schaab’s story is told by his defense lawyer. Schaab was the first person to be convicted of trafficking in nuclear secrets in fifty years.

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