CREATORCommittee on Radioactive Waste Management
TITLECommittee on Radioactive Waste Management
DATE ACCESSED22 April 2017

This is the website for an independent committee, the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM), appointed by the British government to review options for managing radioactive wastes in the United Kingdom, especially geological disposal. The website contains the most recent annual report, review of effectiveness, and proposed work program. Also available are reports on interim storage (March 2009), geological disposal (July 2009), research and development for interim storage and geological disposal (October 2009), and a report of the committee, released in July 2006, which includes recommendations for the long term management of the UK’s high-level radioactive waste. The website also presents explanations of nuclear waste generation and storage in the UK, lists of key organizations, and press releases concerning the committee’s work.

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