CREATORKristensen, Hans M.
TITLEThe Nuclear Information Project: Documenting Nuclear Policy and Operations
DATE ACCESSED21 February 2018

This website presents a public education project, the Nuclear Information Project, done in conjunction with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), that provides the public with declassified documents relating to nuclear policy and operations as well as analysis of those documents. Some of the documents, pertaining to nuclear weapons policy and operations, were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The website currently has multiple documents relating to the United States and a few on Russia, China, Korea (DPRK), and Denmark/Greenland. Some topics addressed include U.S. nuclear posture review, Russian strategic submarine patrols, Chinese nuclear forces, and the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from South Korea. The site is not intended to be comprehensive; instead its mission is to provide, focused, hard-to-get, or overlooked information on nuclear weapons policy and operations. It also contains a web page that gives access to publications by the director of the project, who has written extensively on post-Cold War nuclear policy.

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